Exclusive Business Programs


Twice a month, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your peers on a small group basis. You can share problems, solutions, opportunities with people you know. There’s also a non-compete requirement in each group.

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Formal Meetings

Every other month we have a formal meeting at our offices at the Carroll Nonprofit center. Enjoy networking opportunities and engaging speakers with topics that interest tech folks.

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Panel Discussions

Every couple of months we put together experts on certain topics. You can come and ask questions and learn a lot. Who knows, maybe you will be our next expert?

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Networking Events

Every other month we meet at a different location. Shake hands, rub elbows and get to know your fellow members. Sorry, this one may cost a little. We’ll feed you with great food and drink.

Nominal Fee.


Have you ever seen an Oxford style debate? It’s fun, it’s exciting and it makes you think. Kids & technology access…sounds like something we should debate?

Nominal fee for drinks.


Educational Seminars

Are you considering mobile applications for your industry? Do you know how to write effective technical proposals? What is the latest use of social media in marketing? We have seminars every quarter to address these pressing topics.

Nominal Fee.


Become A HERO

You have the option to join a HERO group. Every so often, the main office gets a call for some sort of tech issue. If your HERO group is called, you may be able to pick up some new business.

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Committee Involvement

Most of our members get involved on some committee or another. It’s your chance to make a difference. We encourage it. It’s how we run the organization.

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Executive Roundtable

Every month a special group of folks sit down and go over business. You can ask anything, you can help your peers or get some help. It’s an open forum and it’s productive.

By Invitation Only.


Automotive Technology Seminar

New for this year!  We will have an Automotive Technology Seminar for all Tech Council Member.  Learn whether it’s smart to buy a hybrid, or save some money on the purchase and buy and econo-box.  We’ll have a panel to get the info from. See the calendar for details.

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Summer Summit

In the early summer, the Tech Council will have a “Technology Summit”.  This summit will discuss challenging business issues related to technology.  Items such as an employees ability to surf while on the job, or back up issues in the cloud.   We will announce the summit at the Golf Tournament this May.

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Winter Summit

In the early Winter of next year, the Tech Council will have a “Technology Summit”.  This summit will discuss challenging business issues related to technology.  Items related to running in the cold. How to keep your business functioning during storms and outages.  We’ll here from energy experts as well as folks just like you.  The date will be announced in the Fall of 2012.

It’s Discounted with your membership.NEW