3 Types of Programs

3 Types of Programs

Frequently asked questions

Q: I’m a small business, what can the Tech Council do for me?

A: The Tech Council can save you thousands of dollars with its great new discount program. You and anyone else in your organization can attend educational seminars, networking events and monthly meetings for little or no charge!

Q: I’m a larger business, does the Tech Council have anything for me?

A: Well, we have a lot. As a large company, not only can you get all the great benefits that our discount program provides, we can offer your company fantastic local exposure. Get your team involved with CompuKids. Retrain your staff at Carroll Community College and save thousands. Sign up for our executive roundtable and learn what your peers are doing to keep their businesses running. You gain the ability to network with leaders in Carroll County government, economic development and beyond.

Q: I’m a one man show. Can I afford the Tech Council?

A: You can’t afford not to join! You may pick up business at one of our networking events. You may have a challenge in your everday work and not know where to turn. The Carroll Technology Council has an answer. Just call our offices and we can point you to a solution. Guaranteed.

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